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About Steve “Kinetic” Roberts

Steve "Kinetic" Roberts

Jamming at Jam in the Sand at Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe

I’ve been playing hand percussion (Djembe, Doumbek Congas) for over 30 years and have been blessed to play with some very cool bands  I’ve even sat in with a couple of big name rock bands in the studio. I also write lyrics and play guitar. I have been learning drum kit over the past 5 years and I’m starting to get good with it and our music has benefited greatly from it. As for guitar I’ll always be a rhythm guitar player, I leave the solos and lead guitar playing to JoJo.

My day job is developing websites just like this one and music is my therapy. I mix most of our tracks on my beast of a system using Acoustica Mixcraft 7 Pro Studio and I love it, It is so much easier to learn than say Pro Tools and I use a Mackie 14 Channel Analogue mixer and  Behringer Xenyx 1204 FX into a PCI M-Audio Delta 10/10 LT Audio card. I like keeping sound analogue right up till it hits the DAW although I do love house and techno and see no reason it all cant live together harmoniously if used with a deft hand and with discretion, especially drums. No sampled or sample replacement can ever replace a live drummer performing but samples DO have their place. I share the song writing with Jojo but do most of the lyric writing and write some of the music. I’m also a card carrying ASCAP member.

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