New Songs and Jamming with David Smash

Its been awhile (dang 4 months) and I do apologize but we’ve have been busy in the studio writing and getting a couple new songs down with an eye of releasing our first EP in September. tentatively titled “Were Not Jokin”. We are also working on a new logo that’s more “us”, pirate themed with a JSTRs twist so keep a look out for that. I’ve been going down to Aces Live Music here in Bradenton and doing their pro jam and last night I got to sit in with some of the best musicians I have had the distinct pleasure to play with David Smash, Allan Cook, Jack Berry and Sammy B. Warren IV. and special guest players: Zooey Seraphine Warren (violin), Jere Preisinger (Bass) and of course myself Kinetic Roberts on Djembe Marty Leise was there keeping things runnin smooth as this cat always does.. Davids band is an amazing group, they spent the night free styling rock, blues, jazz, even a Russian drinking song, pretty much what ever struck their fancy and did an amazing job. I got to sit in for 3 or 4 songs and they put me thru the workout. It was 4 am before I had calmed down from the music buzz I was feeling from jamming with such amazing players.

Photos from Aces on 4/5/2016 David Smash Band



Getting the Site up and running

Well its official JSTRs is a real deal we have 7 songs in the pipeline with 2 almost ready for release so now we are getting the site ready for our fans and venue owners articles music photos videos and a way to talk to us and hire us for your venue, wedding, party, or special event