Musicians DIY: fixing your shockmount

I don’t own truly expensive microphones (not yet anyways) My newest mic is a  GLS Audio ES-57 I love this mic for micing guitar amps in my home studio and at $30 thru Amazon it was a steal I now own 2 of them but I digress…

The Problem

My best microphone for recording vocals is my large 1 inch gold sputtered condenser mic from Behringer the B-1 this is an excellent mic at just $99 it comes in a very nice mic case and complete with a high quality foamie and a shock mount… The shock mount is not the best out there, the main shock ring is riveted to the mic stand attachment and after just a few days it had become very very “floppy” and because it is riveted and not attached to the main ring via a screw or hex bolt it cant be re tightened. So when positioning it I had to account for its “droop”.

The Fix

Being a relatively clever person I tried to come up with a way to make this firm and steady as it had in the beginning. The degree of motion is small and the gaps very tiny, just enough to be annoying and it was far to small to wedge a shim in. Then it occurred to me… A bit of hot glue squirted into the crevices and gap would firm it right up and if it comes out later I can just reapply. There were 6 tiny areas I could apply the hot glue and I hit them all being very clean about it and not getting glue everywhere. This did the trick! Now when I position the mic it stays at the angle I set and doesn’t droop a couple of more degrees.