Musicians DIY: fixing your shockmount

I don’t own truly expensive microphones (not yet anyways) My newest mic is a  GLS Audio ES-57 I love this mic for micing guitar amps in my home studio and at $30 thru Amazon it was a steal I now own 2 of them but I digress… The Problem My best microphone for recording vocals is my large 1 inch gold sputtered condenser mic from Behringer the B-1 this is an excellent mic at just $99 it comes in a very nice mic case and complete with a high quality foamie and a shock mount… The shock mount is not the best out there, the main shock ring is riveted to the mic stand attachment and after just a few days it had become very very “floppy” and because it is riveted and not attached to the main ring via a screw or … Continue reading

Better Songwriting in 3 Steps

The original article was written by Scott Hawksworth at Recording Excellence and Im adding it here because it really helped JoJo and I out. Writing is sometimes hard but since I got evernote for my Android phone, tablet and PC, those snatches of lyrics that seem to always evaporate later are now being captured and utilized. JoJo finds song writing tougher but he is only 14, not to say 14 year olds cant write good songs its just that JoJo his a little closer the vest with is feelings than I am. Mr Hawksworth makes some great points here about song writing that anyone at any level should be able to apply and use in their songwriting. How to Write Better Lyrics in 3 Easy Steps When it comes to songwriting, lyrics hold a tremendous amount of impact (unless you only … Continue reading

New Songs and Jamming with David Smash

Its been awhile (dang 4 months) and I do apologize but we’ve have been busy in the studio writing and getting a couple new songs down with an eye of releasing our first EP in September. tentatively titled “Were Not Jokin”. We are also working on a new logo that’s more “us”, pirate themed with a JSTRs twist so keep a look out for that. I’ve been going down to Aces Live Music here in Bradenton and doing their pro jam and last night I got to sit in with some of the best musicians I have had the distinct pleasure to play with David Smash, Allan Cook, Jack Berry and Sammy B. Warren IV. and special guest players: Zooey Seraphine Warren (violin), Jere Preisinger (Bass) and of course myself Kinetic Roberts on Djembe Marty Leise was there keeping things runnin smooth as this … Continue reading

The Right Gig for the Right Bar or Restaurant

This letter was posted on Tampa Craigslist by a bar owner, If more musicians clued into this perspective, the club scene would be much better: A bar, that is, an establishment that earns its revenue primarily from selling alcoholic beverages, measures its success by the ounce and the accounting is done everyday because we mostly live on the edge. So we spend our time trying to figure out how to sell more ounces. It’s not just how many people are in the house or how great the atmosphere is (that’s certainly important), but how many drinks, preferably premium, we sell in a day. That’s it. Live music is important to most of us (if we have that kind of venue). But it is a significant expense and is only worthwhile if it produces more than it consumes, just like advertising … Continue reading